I’m sure many of you tried to purchase a PS3 or Nintendo Wii for Xmas, only to settle for a Deluxe Furby or David Samson autographed penis pump. If you fall into either category, chin up, because it could be worse. Brian Davis and Christian Death tried to buy the Memphis Grizzlies, and check out their consolation prize. From the AP’s Joseph White.

Former Duke co-captains Brian Davis and Christian Laettner wore black and red soccer scarves instead of basketball jerseys Monday as MLS unveiled a new, minority-led ownership group that is paying a league-record $33 million for the operating rights to D.C. United.

Now comes the hard part — finding a way to build the team a new stadium in the poorest section of the city.

Davis and Laettner are also part of a group trying to buy the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies’ current owner said last month the Davis-Laettner group had until Jan. 15 to come up with the money but added he doubted they would meet that deadline.

“All I can say right now is we’re working on it,” Laettner said Monday.

While their careers were centered around basketball, Davis said he got plenty of exposure to soccer while playing for a professional basketball team in France. Laettner said he was a goalkeeper in high school until his mother made him quit for fear that an injury would wreck his basketball career.

“I’m proud to say I can juggle the ball a lot better than Brian can,” Laettner said, “so I think I have a little more expertise.”

Considering that Laettner’s allegedy superior hoops knowledge was part and parcel of his and Davis’ business plan for purchasing the Grizzlies, it’s comforting to know at least one of the Dookies has a deep soccer background.

Also worth noting is DC United’s plans to build a stadium in the District’s Ward 8 will require the cooperation of Councilman (and former Mayor) Marion Barry.