Will Leitch, getting bitchy with the kid who broke the T.O.-disses-the-Eagles story.

“Anyway, we think it™s pretty amazing that T.O.™s Eagles career was effectively ended by no less than 18-year-old œjournalist Graham Bensinger, a St. Louis-based wannabe talking head who, as you can tell from a note on his Web site, is already a little freaked out that he caused so much trouble. Bensinger is most well-known for his O.J. Simpson interview, where his reportial stylings forced O.J. to admit that he had not killed his wife. And now, because of an apparently creatively cut video interview with Terrell Owens, Bensinger might have ended Terrell Owens™ Eagles career ¦ and maybe the whole thing.”

Wow. “A St. Louis-based wannabe talking head”. As opposed to, say, a NYC based social climber with St. Louis roots that has talking head aspirations. But the respective resumes of Bensinger and Leitch are well worth comparing. In the past 6 months, Bensinger’s scoops have included major exclusives with OJ and TO —- beat that, Alex Reimer!

Leitch, for his part, managed to blow the lid off the ALDS ‘roid abusing outfielder scandal after reading about it in USA Today Sports Weekly. He also made himself a Pulitzer front-runner by linking to a story about Hideki Matsui’s fondness for porn, which appeared in Time Magazine over two years ago, days after the same item had been mentioned right here. Sports Frog did the same thing, except they were upfront enough to that Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann had yacked about it on ESPN Radio that very day (kudos to Kevin T. for being the king of finding old Matsui-loves-porn stories)

It’s enough to make you think that some smart, new media entrepreneur should’ve hired Bensinger as editor in chief for their professional website about sports.