(not, we believe, Juan Uribe)

If you flip through autopsies of last night’s NLCS Game 5 victory for Philadelphia and the monumentally manly Roy Halladay, you might end up missing a somewhat priceless item about San Francisco reliever Brian Wilson. Fortunately for us, Tim Cook was fully awake and caught the following bon mot from the San Francisco Chronicle’s Henry Schulman ;

In a now famous (or infamous) online video interview with Fox Sports’ Chris Rose, closer Brian Wilson was sitting in his apartment when a large man wearing a leather hood and other adult goodies momentarily walked into the picture behind him. Wilson called him “the machine.”

When asked Wednesday about Juan Uribe’s clutch hitting, Wilson said, “He’s a machine … not the machine. That’s what happens to good guys when they find themselves in positions like that to come through. That’s what the postseason is all about.”