ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting that when the Eagles’ suspension of Terrell Owens is reviewed by an arbitrator next week, Owens’ list of violations will include parking in a coach’s designated spot, along with using a handicapped space.

No mention yet as whether or not T.O. was indifferent towards recyling, or if he forgot to rewind any videotapes.

Not satisfied with playing a crucial role in George W. Bush becoming President, consumer advocate/Green Party figurehead Ralph Nader has spoken out on behalf of the widely reveiled wide receiver. From

While calling Owens’s comments “boorish and unwarranted,” Nader said the receiver should be reinstated because the ban runs counter to the American tradition of free speech and deprives fans from the chance of watching the five- time Pro Bowl selection play.

“There is a great tradition in this country of respecting free speech, and the Eagles and NFL should express those values in handling even churlish speech,” Nader wrote in a letter to NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue and Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie.

Even though free-speech protection doesn’t usually extend to the workplace, employees shouldn’t be penalized for speaking out, Nader said.