Pt. I – “E6 – Bud Harrelson™s Kid In Botched Depcapitation Plot”, 9/25/06

Pt. II – from the Long Island Press’ Dan Ennis :

Long Island Ducks co-owner and former New York Met Bud Harrelson has a little more to worry about this off-season. On Tuesday, he had to watch his son, Troy œTJ Harrelson, (above) 19, get taken away in handcuffs after pleading guilty to one count of hindering prosecution in a Riverhead courtroom.

Harrelson admitted to helping his friend, Zachary Gibian, 19, dispose of a samurai sword that Gibian used to kill his stepfather, Scott Nager, on Feb. 27, 2005. Nager, a retired New York City police officer, was nearly decapitated from two blows to the neck from the weapon, according to Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota™s office.

Having a reported drug problem, Harrleson has been ordered by Supreme Court Justice Robert W. Doyle to check into an in-patient drug treatment program before his sentencing date on March 6, according to the DA™s office. Harrelson™s sentence could be anything from community service to jail time.

Gibian was convicted of second-degree murder last month.

Unavailable for comment : Pete Rose, John Belushi. And again, not to cast any aspersions towards the parenting skills of Bobby Valentine, but what’s with former Mets managers and problem kids?

P Scott Schoenweis is reportedly on the brink of signing a 3-year deal with the Mets, thus reducing the already slim chance that Aaron Heilman might ever be considered an option for the 4th or 5th spot in the starting rotation.