Everton 1, Chelsea 0 (HT)

James Bettie scored on a 37th minute penalty for the hosts after Tim Cahill was taken down in the box by Chelsea’s Shaun Wright-Philips. If Everton can protect their lead for another 45 minutes, this’ll be the shocker of the autumn at the very least, the two clubs being seperated by a staggering 24 points and 19 places in the Premeirship.

(UPDATE : Never mind. )

With the scintillating potential of the Kettering v. Stevenage tie sure to inspire convulsions, your FA Cup First Round Draw can be found here.

(Mark Lisi, Clint Dempsey, and a lot of empty seats)

Congrats to the NY/NJ MetroStars on their 1-0 defeat of top-seeded New England in their MLS Playoff opener at a hashmark covered Giants Stadium last night. A Gridiron layout on the pitch, Jim Rome’s favored whipping boy Tony Meola getting a clean sheet and the league’s post-season timed pefectly to coincide with the first game of the World Series ; in terms of quality of play, the MLS has come a long way in 10 years, but some things never seem to change.