Not like Jim McGreevey, either. The New York Post’s Peter Vecsey notes T-Wolves F-C Kevin Love would average more rebounds per game than Dwight Howard were he playing a full 48 minutes a night and asks Minnesota’s GM/coach, “why isn’t the 6-foot-8 rookie, whom Kevin McHale swapped on draft day for O.J. Mayo, drenched in daylight considering the 10-win (six in the last two weeks) team is a tenement-in-progress?”

“I’m just a believer in that if you earn something, it always means more,” McHale explained to Love.

“I gave my kids bikes, and they never knew where they were. My bike was the only thing I had when I was a kid. I knew where it was at every moment of the day because I had to work for that bike. Some of the best lessons in life are earned.”

In that case, how come McHale didn’t feel it was necessary to earn his minutes behind the desk before assuming VP duties for the T’wolves, or on the bench before taking over for Flip Saunders.

After Love went for 15 rebounds and 16 points in Wednesday’s win over Mayo’s Grizzlies and still warranted just 23 minutes, I can see it’s no use trying to get through to McHale; he’s too set in his old-world ways.

So, I hired a super private detective. Took Mannix a few more hours but he found the bikes (a Schwinn, a Cannondale and a Raleigh) McHale’s kids had lost. Now maybe Love will get the playing time he deserves.