“You know, people have asked me would I do it again,” Alberto Gonzales says to the Austin American Statesman’s Ken Herman of his controversial tenure as U.S. Attorney General.  “I would do it again in a second.” (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

Gonzales, who resigned last year amid congressional investigations, is working on a book to tell his side of the story of the political demise of the highest-ranking Hispanic in the history of the federal government.

“This is not about writing a best-seller,” the Texan said in an interview. He said the book would be a success even if read only by his sons, now 13 and 16, “to set the record straight so they know what happened.”

“I think there is so much misinformation out there, not just about me but about the Bush administration and what we were about. It’s important for our side of the story to be told. If it’s not told by us, no one is going to tell it,” he said.

Gonzales is planning to move his family back to Texas, probably Houston, perhaps later this year.

“I’m optimistic by nature. And I’m going to take this experience and things that I’ve learned and hopefully be a productive member of our community,” he said. “I’m very wide open. I’ve had some people say I’m very fortunate that I’m at a point in my life where if I wanted to do something completely different ” be baseball commissioner, for example, I would love a job in baseball, a plug there ” I can do it.”

Gonzalez might have the qualifications — who amongst us wouldn’t like to see this guy waterboarded?