Amidst his usual laundry list of one-liners and insults (“Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen looks like Christopher Walken in ‘The Deer Hunter’ just before he lost his one-on-one duel with Russian Roulette”), the New York Post’s Peter Vecsey dropped the following disturbing item into Sunday’s Hoop Du Jour column.

It shouldn’t go unstated or unnoticed that nary a single soul from the NBA, NBPA, NBA Retired Players Association, Knicks, Sonics, Nuggets, or a solitary current or former NBA player showed up for the funeral services of Marvin Webster, reports Charles Bennett, a former union official/player agent and current Tulsa CPA who had The Human Eraser’s back and bankbook throughout his troubled years.

“David Stern did send a real nice flower spread. So did the Oklahoma City team. And I think the Knicks sent a rose,” Bennett said.

The Baltimore crowd of 300-plus, including most of his college and high school teammates, was extremely disappointed as they searched in vain for NBA representation, Bennett added.”I tried to represent the league but the crowd didn’t buy it. Here is an area where a small investment by the league would’ve yielded priceless goodwill amongst retirees and fans of the game, and it struck out looking.”