For all the abuse heaped upon Jay Horowitz this morning after he mistakenly called Frank Viola the Mets’ last 20 game winner, you’d think the former was responsible for trading R.A. Dickey to Toronto.  Or that Horowitz was the genius who decided to open a new ballpark with terrible sightlines, Grand Canyon-esque power alleys and more fixtures recalling the history of the Brooklyn Dodgers than the actual team that played in Flushing.

You’d think Horowitz was the general manager that signed Jason Bay. You’d think he was the desperate owner who sought to open an adjacent Indian casino, only to settle for an Amway pop-up shop.

You’d think Jay was in charge of media relations back when the Mets allowed Carlos Beltran to be ripped to shreds over his Walter Reed no-show.  No, wait, Jay was in charge at the time.   Either way, it’s grossly unfair to accuse Horowitz of an orchestrated plan to write one of the most beloved figures in recent Mets lore out of the history books.  After all, it’s not as though R.A. Dickey is Davey Johnson.