Ridiculously reliable source of CSTB-fodder Blabbermouth.net reports this weekend’s Metal Open Air festival in São Luís do Maranhão has fallen apart due to a myriad of financial and technical snafus. Far be it for me to suggest that any festival that offered a large guarantee to an all-star revue fronted by Gene Simmons and Sebastian Bach was ill-fated from the start.

According to various Brazilian media reports, the Metal Open Air camping area was set up at nearby horse stables (photos), with no bathrooms, light or water supply available — despite the fact that the event’s official web site promised “indoor and outdoor camping with toilets and showers.”

Third-day headliners VENOM announced their cancelation on Thursday, claiming that their South American visas were mistakenly sent to Africa. SAXON also announced they weren’t making the trip “due to a serious breach of contract by the promoters.” The band explained, “Having waited since March the 15th for the fee to arrive, as of Friday [April 20 at] 2 p.m., no money has arrived.”

First-day headliner MEGADETH managed to perform last night, albeit several hours behind schedule due to a delay in getting the stage ready as well as unspecified “security” issues. A number of other acts refused to play, and after ANTHRAX pulled out of the event due to a lack of sound equipment, the festival’s entire sound crew reportedly quit because they had not received their payment in time.