….and the Post’s “Hoops Du Jour” columnist claims the Sixers are doing their best to honor Jewlz’ wishes.

According to two general managers King contacted yesterday, the 76ers are aggressively attempting to accommodate their forlorn franchise player, whose prohibitive salary (currently $17.1 million with $19M and $20.8M remaining) makes him a difficult sell despite a 31-point average – at least if the Sixers hope to harvest relatively equal value.

At the same time, emphasized one of those GMs: “A.I. is not the only player Billy is looking to move. His second breath is about Chris Webber.” And that’s not where the conversation stops.

Everybody is gladly available. Andre Iguodala or Sam Dalembert may have to be surrendered in order to move Webber ($20.7M/22.3M next season) or A.I. “But the big push is on to deal Iverson.”

That’s not solely because he wants out, but because his attitude leaves management no other option. If he were going along with the program, the 76ers would hide and wait for the right opening.

The night after filing for divorce, Iverson essentially put his effort on cruise control in Chicago as the Bulls exterminated the 76ers, 121-94, vaulting to a 39-16 first-quarter spread and winning the subsequent three.

Imagine how competitive it would’ve been had the Sixers not held a team meeting that afternoon.

A convulsive back was cited as the explanation for Iverson’s 25-point (7-17) seven-assist, seven-turnover, defensively-felonious performance. Don’t be foolish enough to fall for it. Or Maurice Cheeks’ counterfeit contention the 76ers’ spirit is “still there,” players “still are trying” and “no one has given up.”

After the Suns & Nets combined for 318 points in the former’s double OT win at the Meadowlands, Jersey coach Lawrence Frank was left to “marinate in his own self-loathing,” wrote the Newark Star Ledger’s Dave D’Allesandro.  Might this observation inspire a new addition to the menu at the famed Candlewyck Diner?