While quesioning Larry Brown’s reluctance to grant Channing Frye sunstantial playing time (“the only valid alibi for not having Frye on the floor for 35 plus minutes every night is if he fouls out. And even then, considering Brown’s Hall of Fame credentials and take-home pay, he should be able to figure out how to keep Frye afloat.”),The New York Post’s Peter Vescey openly mocks the prospects of Steve Francis ended up in New York.

Obviously a lot of people believe Thomas is stupid enough to obtain a photocopy of Marbury. Do those same fundamentally unsound students of the game also believe Francis is Brown’s type of player?

What makes anybody think Francis would be coachable in New York when Jeff Van Gundy and Brian Hill haven’t exactly found him easy to handle in Houston and Orlando? How long would it take before Brown demanded Francis’ expulsion?

No way do I believe the designer of the finger-pointing, browbeaten bunch of pick up sticks is vaguely interested in Francis, regardless of whether Marbury can be moved in the process. Would Thomas really want Frye and Eddy Curry to have Francis as a teammate?

Just in case I’m wrong and the Knicks don’t get Earl Watson or Theo Ratliff or Martin and they do get Francis and keep Marbury, I’ve asked a woman who used to work at the Garden to have cardboard cutouts made up of Thomas and Brown, one to prop up outside the players’ tunnel near courtside, the other for postgame press conferences.

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Given Chris Meloni’s smooth moves playing alongside Rick Fox (sort of) at Oswald State Penitentiary, we can’t be too surprised at his abillity to blend in with, uh, other people who are not basketball players.