Anti lists the following Top Ten Safety Precautions :

1) Tell the stalker “no” once and only once, and then never give him the satisfaction of a reaction again. The more you respond, the more you teach him that his actions will elicit a response. This only serves to reinforce the stalking.

2) Get a dog. The Los Angeles Police Department™s Threat Management Unit says this is “one of the least expensive but most effective alarm systems.”

3) Block your address at DMV and Voter Registration. If you don™t, anyone can get it for the asking. This is how Robert Bardo found actress Rebecca Schaeffer and was able to murder her at her front door.

4) Never give out your home address or telephone number. Get a post office box and use it on all correspondence. For those places that will not accept a post office box, change “PO Box” to “Apt.” and leave the number. Put this address on your checks.

5) When the stalker gets your home telephone number, don™t change it. Instead, always let an answering machine pick-up. Get a new, unlisted number, and give it to everyone who calls but the stalker. Gradually, only your stalker will be using your old number “ it will become his private line. If it upsets you when he calls, put the machine in a room you don™t use. You can even have someone else monitor the tapes. This way, the stalker will think he is still getting through to you, although you will never make the mistake of picking up when he calls. Whenever you close off one avenue for a stalker, he will find another and it could easily be worse.

6) Document everything. Even if you have decided not to go the legal route, you may change your mind. Keep answering machine tapes, letters, gifts, etc. Keep a log of drive-bys or any suspicious occurrences.

7) Take a self-defense class. A lot of security experts don™t advise this, fearing that it gives victims a false sense of security, but we do. The best self-defense classes teach you how to become more aware of your surroundings and avoid confrontations, things that stalking victims would do well to learn.

8) Have co-workers screen all calls and visitors.

9) Don™t accept packages unless they were personally ordered.

10) Remove any name or identification from reserved parking at work.

Words to live by, but let me add an 11th Commandment ;

“Check underneath your car to ensure the former Joey Belle, (above, making his 2nd CSTB appearence of the week) hasn’t affixed a global positioning system.”