Like, behind a beam worse.   Though the New York Post’s Phil Mushnick has long objected to the former Sean Carter’s lyrical content, if not his connection to the NBA’s New Jersey Nets, on Sunday, Phil takes aim at Jay-Z’s services on behalf of the soundtrack to the upcoming Jackie Robinson biopic, “42” (” in a world gone nuts, fighting the return of the detestable N-word qualifies you as either a white racist or an Uncle Tom”_

Jackie Robinson’s legacy and story now will be intentionally and perhaps inextricably attached to the work of a vulgar, hate-spewing, women-trashing rapper — and front-row sports fan — who can’t seem to help, except in the case of his populist, cash-in intrusion in this movie, call black men the very word — the ultimate slur for African-Americans — that Jackie Robinson, far more than most, nearly succeeded in eliminating.

Then there’s Robinson Cano, named for Jackie Robinson, who bolted his agent for Roc Nation Sports, a new agency owned by Jay-Z. Yep, Jackie Robinson’s namesake is now hooked up with an agent who doesn’t consider black men to be men, but “n—-s.”

Elsewhere, Mushnick sneeringly calls Jay-Z, “President Obama’s no-questions-asked favorite performer and fundraiser”.  I realize Phil’s more of a Billy Joel kind of guy, but what did Bruce Springsteen do to deserve this diss?