From the New York Post’s Peter Vescey.

As someone once splendidly stiffed by Peter Kalikow during his transitory overcast ownership of The Post, I urge Transport Workers’ envoys to make damn sure they’re properly inoculated against highbrow reptiles.

Then again, if I were union boss Roger Toussaint I’d refuse to negotiate with the MTA Chairman, any of his representatives, even Kevin Spacey.

The only New York executive I’d agree to bargain money, years, medical benefits and other perks with is Isiah Thomas, who’s making a luxurious living as Knick president of basketball operations Doling out or assuming corpulent contracts.

What’s absolutely alarming is Thomas’ President Bush-like assertion over the weekend. Out of one tonsil he claims he wouldn’t change any of 350-odd personnel moves since replacing Scott Layden two years ago this Thursday. Out of his other tonsil Thomas says had he known Larry Brown would be the team’s coach he may have altered some offseason alterations.

“There are players on the team he probably wouldn’t have wanted or wouldn’t have picked,” Thomas said on WFAN without a ripple of retort.

In other words, Thomas is telling us his hand-picked, pedestrian players would’ve been just groovy for Phil Jackson or P.J. Carlesimo or Herb Williams to coach. On the other hand, some fail to meet the snobbish standards of Brown, who’s supposedly an expert at turning mincemeat into filet minion.