Along with eulogizing the late George Mikan, the New York Post’s Peter Vescey joins the chorus of those condeming Larry Brown and Dan Gilbert.

Tell me Larry Brown’s hysterical spew about unnamed sources doesn’t remind you of Richard Nixon at the end of his administration?

Oh, I see, we can wait 33 years to find out who ratted out the president but Brown’s entitled to know the identities of his leaks immediately, if not sooner.

Meanwhile, when do the Pistons demand Brown come clean regarding the Cavaliers so they can adjust accordingly?

When does owner Bill Davidson insist his coach cease using his health as an excuse to schedule the truth on his terms?

Why is it permissible for Brown to work for two teams at once?

I want to hear him deny he instructed owner Dan Gilbert to hire Mike Brown as the Cavs’ head coach.

Gilbert’s telling everyone within the sound of his voice (telephones count) Larry picked Mike, but still hasn’t officially agreed to become team president and still might coach the Pistons next year, health permitting.

Can Gilbert be that stupid, or is he simply trying to keep us off balance? How can you allow a guy to pick your coach and not have a commitment as team president?

Regardless of what Brown does, or whether or not he’s being paid (yet), why should he be permitted to coach for one team and manage another?

The Pistons gave Brown permission to talk to the Cavs about working for them after the season, I submit, not during it.

Such chutzpah should be grounds for instant termination and sweeping censure.

It doesn’t get any more preposterous; here we have Brown directing the Cavaliers as they busily fill their coaching cavity with an appealing choice as the Pistons idle while the few remaining attractive prospects (Nate McMillan, for a prime example) negotiate with other teams.