First Scott Muni passes away, and now Cousin Brucie is unemployed. One by one, Howard Stern’s favorite targets are disappearing. Except for Imus, who will probably outlive the cockroaches (while possessing half the charm).

(l-r, Cousin Brucie and his replacement)

From the NY Post’s John Mainelli.

It was hit the road, Jack, for oldies fans who listen to WCBS-FM radio after the station yesterday ended 33 years of playing rock classics and abruptly axed legendary DJs Cousin Brucie, Harry Harrison and Bill Brown.

WCBS, 101.1-FM on the dial, changed its name to “Jack” and stunned listeners by ditching its tried and true playlist to embrace a new format that features random songs of various styles.

“We’re going from 400 to 500 songs to well over 1,200 songs, with less repetition,” said CBS-FM vice president Chad Brown, who flipped the switch to the new format at 5 p.m. “This is going to be different than anything else in the market.”

Jack ” known also as “Bob,” “Ben” and “Dave” in other cities ” is frequently described as “an iPod on ‘Shuffle,’ ” ” meaning you never know which kind of song listeners will hear next.

“Jack has twice as many songs and is 15 years newer than CBS-FM,” said Sean Ross of Edison Media Research. “It’s a blend of WPLJ and [classic rock station] Q-104 with a little bit of everything else.” Jack ” using the slogan “playing what we want” ” is also a format without DJs, traffic and weather.

“I think my audience is going to go out of their minds,” said Bruce “Cousin Brucie” Morrow, who lost his gig along with former Monkee Micky Dolenz, who celebrated his 100th wake-up show on the air yesterday.

“New York is a very different market ” it ain’t Dallas or St. Louis,” Morrow told The Post. “We’re very different animals and we have to be serviced very differently.”