Philly’s desperate to unload Glenn Robinson and the NY Post’s Peter Vescey writes that not even the Hornets will bite.

I’m not saying Glenn Robinson would’ve made much of a difference for New Orleans, but he’s better than what they’ve got (Lee Nailon and George Lynch) at small forward.

Sources say before the season, GM Allan Bristow rejected the 76ers’ proposal of Robinson for Mashburn, all but formerly retired. Evidently, eating 20 percent of Mashburn’s remaining two-year $9M/$10M obligation (the insurance picks up the rest) is more appetizing than paying Robinson $12M for one.

Then again, it’s not as if Scott is overly fond of Big Dog. “He gives you 20 points and gives up 30,” Bye-Ron unloaded a couple weeks ago when trade talk resurfaced, a rather smug statement for someone so susceptible to denigration.

Still, I must admit, Robinson is probably saving the Sixers 10 points a night by not playing this season.

Fuming at losing the starting job to rookie Andre Iguodala, Big Dog has been sulking and making himself scarce since. Unable to deal him without giving up a young player, or assuming a long-term guarantee of an undesirable (for example, before paying off Shandon Anderson the Knicks tried to pawn off his $22M, three-year burden on Philly) the 76ers are stone stuck.

Having come to grips with this realization, last week coach Jim O’Brien urged Robinson to return to active duty. Told him the starting job was up for grabs (Iguodala had been shifted to off guard) if he wanted to compete for it.

Robinson wasn’t exactly receptive. Said injuries to both ankles wouldn’t allow it.