In addition to commenting on the retirements of Reggie Miller and Karl Malone, the New York Post’s Peter Vescey zeroes in on Alonzo Mourning, just waived by the Toronto Raptors after refusing honor his trade from New Jersey.

After Zo’s career effectively crashed, he barnacled himself to Jason Kidd, a friendship the self-centered centerpiece used to get way too much yen and years ($22 million guaranteed over four) without a hint of a physical or insurance to cover his pre-existing calamitous condition.

Even Juicin’ Giambi is laughing at that one.

Then, with pride and dignity not so much as a concern, Zo tried to glom a golden parachute from the Nets, who gleaned some semblance of revenge by deporting him to Canada in the Vince Carteret deal. Naturally, this vanguard of vacuousness refused to report. Not seen since the Baltimore Claws folded without ever playing a performance have we encountered such franchise fortitude.

To be kind, the Raptors were better off extinct. Not only doesn’t GM Rob Babcock fine or suspend this world-class whiner, he agrees to a buyout.

Why would anybody reward such condescension? Why would the Raptors shell out a single, solitary unearned penny on someone with no leverage game or shame? Why wouldn’t you make Mourning get his butt across the border, forfeit what’s owed him, or announce his retirement? Call his bleepin’ bluff!

Does Raptors ownership really have that much disposable income to squander as an addendum to the most one-sided swindle in its brief history?

What possessed Babcock to foam the runway for Zo so he can attach his parasitical self to Shaq once he clears waivers early this week? Apparently the Heat haven’t used their veteran fossil exemption.

Say this much for the Raptors. They’re so screwed up lately NHL owners and unionists are mocking ’em.