If you don’t think the Detroit Pistons will be making adjustments in the wake of their humiliating defeat to the Spurs in Game One of the NBA finals, you’ve clearly not paid attention to the path they’ve take all year. For one thing, they can adjust to the idea that Flip Saunders will be coaching them next season.

From Peter Vescey in Sunday’s NY Post.

What are the chances of the Pistons repeating as champs if Glenn Robinson makes a habit of collecting three blocks and three rebounds in three (third quarter) minutes?

What are the chances of Brown leaving Detroit on top if Rasheed Wallace continually must come to Ben Wallace’s emotional rescue? Imagine throwing a headband and Ron Artest isn’t even around to target!

The Spurs, by the way, expect the Pistons to deny and trap Ginobili more often and mo’ better tonight in Game 2. We all expect Rasheed Wallace to be more involved in the offense and the officiating.

I, for one, expect P.J. Carlisemo to convert into the coach to be named later in the Nazr Mohammed trade with the Knicks; you know there had to be more to that deal.