The New York Post’s Peter Vescey writes that Seattle’s Nate McMillan is unlikely to become the next coach of the New York Knicks.

I find it unfathomable McMillan is seriously considering such an unappealing job in such a fraudulent work place in view of his superior options, especially if he paid attention to what guru Lenny Wilkens confided to him about Camp Cablevision since returning to Seattle.

Now the Blazers (may have a genuine chance) and maybe eventually the Pistons also can get into the financial chase in an effort to entice McMillan and scare away the Sonics. Or will they be used simply to drive up his already stiff price?

The only NBA franchise he’s ever known since being drafted out of North Carolina State in ’86 already has a four-year, $18 million (plus easily attainable incentives) proposition on the table. That’s scarcely a low-ball offer, as one ignoramus suggests.

As long as outin’ and doubtin’ Thomas, did any American spend more time in Europe last year than him? OK, other than Roman Polanski?

So, armed with such international insight, he returns for the draft and selects players from those G-8 powers of Arizona (Channing Frye), Washington (Nate Robinson, selected by Suns for Knicks) and Florida (David Lee).

If I’m James Dolan, I immediately seize Isiah’s passport.

Speaking of Zeke, while he sure shoved Herb Williams under the psychedelic bus at Wednesday’s news conference (“He did a fine job when he was here”), I thought it was very kind of him not to ask his “current head coach” to pose with the team’s other selections.