(drawing by Josh Frankel)

As L’ffair Donaghy continues to overshadow the NBA Finals, the officiating during Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals has been revisited by many, including former Kings F Vlade Divac, interviewed yesterday by the Sacramento Bee’s Marty McNeal.

“Something was wrong then, and I still know something was wrong,” said Divac, who fouled out of Game 6, as did fellow Kings center Scot Pollard.

“My first reaction to hearing this is that I hope it’s not true. There was definitely something going on, but in my imagination, I never could have taken it so far to think that the league was behind it.”

Divac was Real Madrid’s general manager in the Euroleague a year ago, but he left that post to work with Humanitarian Organization Divac, which provides assistance and housing for refugees worldwide.

“Once I decided to help the refugees, I realized that helping them was going to require more time,” Divac said. “And I want to do as much as I can.”

Divac said Wednesday the group placed 10 Serbian families “ some of whom have been in refugee camps for 15 years “ in rebuilt homes.

Divac’s sense of humor is legendary. However, he floated one half-serious thought about that infamous game.

“We should play Game 6 again and raise money for the refugees,” Divac said. “We could put a lot of families in homes.”

I’m all for a rematch, though unlike Vlade, my interests aren’t nearly as noble. I’ve seen how even the most periphreal reference to Jackie Christie drives CSTB traffic, and a new best-of-7 between the ’02 Lakers and Kings would offer far too many opportunites to cash in.