The Reds arrive in Philadelphia tomorrow, by which point Joey Votto ought to be an all-star, thereby tripling the number of times announcers in both cities (and on Sportscenter) will say something about him sticking it to Phillies/NL skipper Charlie Manuel every time he gets a hit (perhaps they’ll also keep a Votto vs. Howard HR count, though the way things have been going for the Phillies this past month,Wilson “GIDP” Valdez is more likely to go yard).

Anyway, I’ve got an interview with Votto in the upcoming (August) issue of Cincinnati Magazine, which will include his thoughts on Albert Pujols (“I get a chance to watch one of the greatest offensive players of all time. Just because it will be just about impossible to ever get a starting spot in the All-Star Game…) and the fact that his DL stint may have kept him out of last year’s game (though given what just happened this year, who knows?).

And then there’s this little exchange, which won’t be in the magazine.

ME: I’ll say it, you don’t have to say it, but I can’t see Charlie Manuel picking his own guy, Ryan Howard, over you this year.

VOTTO: He had a really good game yesterday (June 18th). There’s another month or so. We’ve got plenty of time.