(above :  the sharpest media manipulator money can buy…in the state of Idaho)

OK, that’s not actually what the Western Athletic Conference is advocating. I think. But ESPN’s Graham Watson reports the WAC has enlisted the services of Boise-based PR firm Scott Peyron & Associates to assist their efforts in promoting no. 7 Boise State as a legit national title contender.

The role of Scott Peyron & Associates is to keep Boise State in the forefront of the minds of the media. It does not lobby voters or coaches. It does email a weekly list of talking points regarding Boise State’s accomplishments to members of the national media. It also sets up interviews for WAC commissioner Karl Benson and prepares statistical information for him to use to make a case for the Broncos.

“We’ve found that people just want to go back to the Fiesta Bowl win in 2007 and talk about that being a fluke and haven’t really done their research in terms of [Boise State’s] home game winning percentage or other interesting facts over the years,” said Doug Cole, a group practice leader with the firm.

“They’ll forget about the Hawaii records and all that. So, we just constantly remind people of the storied recent history of the WAC and Boise State and get them to consider that when they write their stories.”

“We made sure to let the national press know that (TCU’s win) against the 16th ranked BYU, which is now unranked, is not as strong as Boise State’s signature win against No. 16 (AP) Oregon, which is now ranked eighth,” Cole said. “Those are the types of things that dictate what our positioning is in terms of reminding media and getting stats in front of [the media] just so they can be honest and not ignore Boise State.”

Peyron and Associates other clients include the Idaho Technology Council, the Tamarack Ski Resort, Albertson’s Supermarkets and that annual moment where thousands of Americans wonder if their TV sets need replacing, the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl.