Nicki Minaj (above, right)  is scheduled to perform at next weekend’s NBA All-Star Game, a booking the New York Post’s Phil Mushnick finds troubling given Minaj’s recent Grammy Awards appearance in which the entertainer, “infuriated many Catholics and civil-minded folks of any and all beliefs by performing a dark, satanic number that included an elderly, white male escort dressed in full Papal regalia, apparently prepared to conduct an exorcism.”

The NBA could have issued Minaj a “never mind,” cancelled her appearance with a “maybe we’ll give ya a call next year,” plus a few words about how the “NBA values the sensitivities and dignity of all of its fans and employees,” and let Minaj and everyone else figure out the rest for themselves.

David Stern might have, could have, should have issued her what shows up on NBA final stat sheets as a “DNP (did not play) coach’s decision.”

But it seems some sensitivity and common public decency issues are more important than others. Sure, we all have feelings, but based on how and where the wind blows, some count more than others.

It would be very illuminating if Phil would be kind enough to explain which segment of society is routinely catered to and never experiences a moment of discomfort when absorbing popular culture.  Mushnick seems to suggest that major sporting organizations and TV networks alike are treading on eggshells when it comes to the sensibilities of those who enjoy vulgarity, while the pious / “civic-minded” amongst us are forced to endure a never-ending series of assaults on decency.

I mean, yeah, that’s wishful thinking.  But it’s not the world anyone I know lives in.