From the New York Times’ Michael S. Schmidt :

Roger Clemens told Mike Wallace in an interview for œ60 Minutes, scheduled to be broadcast on Sunday, that he never took injections from his former trainer, Brian McNamee (above, left), Wallace said.

Some athletes, confronted with evidence that they were injected with performance-enhancing drugs, have admitted they took injections but have said they did not know that they were for banned substances.

œHe says what he has said before and has said all along, Wallace said Thursday in a telephone interview. œHe said he never took injections from McNamee. He says he didn™t take the stuff. Nothing different.

The œ60 Minutes interview was taped Friday at Clemens™s home in Katy, Tex.

œHe was first rate and forward with me, Wallace said. œThere isn™t a whole lot I can say about the interview; I wouldn™t want to spoil it.

McNamee™s lawyers have said they will sue Clemens if he denies the truthfulness of McNamee™s statements. Richard D. Emery, a lawyer for McNamee, said Clemens should prevent the segment from being broadcast or face a lawsuit for damaging McNamee™s livelihood.

œHe™s got a chance to protect himself, said Emery, who specializes in libel and defamation lawsuits. œWe™re not going to sue him if he doesn™t do it. But if he does it, we™re going to sue him.

If nothing else, this could be Brian McNamee’s big chance to go down in history alongside General William Westmoreland.