In terms of upsets, The Bengals’ 20-13 defeat of the fast-fading Redskins earlier today is somewhat overshadowed by Houston’s 13-12 victory over Tennessee, a game in which the Titans lost the services of the stomptastic Albert Haynesworth.  Just as well, however, because it would take more than a 2nd win to mollify the folks at Who Dey, the same folks whose anti-Mike Brown billboards previously tweaked Cincy’s front office.

(image swiped from PFT)
WDR claims they placed 1000 of the above urinal cakes throughout Paul Brown Stadium for today’s game with Washington, the “98-168-1” legend referring to the Bengals’ record during Brown’s tenure as general manager. Much as I appreciate the sentiment behind what they’ve dubbed the “Put Your Yellow On Our Brown” campaign, I’m not nearly as impressed with WDR’s plea (“spare yourself the agony” that Bengals ticket holders donate their ducats to a local youth charity. “Wouldn’t this make a fantastic Christmas present to a kid who might not have a Christmas present?”  All kidding aside, why a ruin a child’s holiday with a Chiefs/Bengals game?  The kids are described as “underprivileged”, not insane.