Writing about the under-watched World Series, ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski said “don’t even talk to me about college football until the conference championship games start up in early December.”

Nonsense. When’s the last time a Big 12 championship game was better than any number of October games? (Last year’s could have been, but wasn’t). It is college football’s joy (every game counts) and curse (no playoff) that today’s Texas-Texas Tech match-up is every bit as big as, say, Game 3 of the NLCS.

While thinking about whether or not the Phillies would be on the cover of SI again this week, I said to my wife, “you just better hope it isn’t Graham Harrell.” The good news for her is, Corso just put on the Raiders head. I feel like UT will be just fine – they only lose to Tech as heavy favorites.

Loved Mack Brown’s quote after last week’s Oklahoma State game, which is basically what every coach ever thinks of every fan and writer ever.

“It’s really an advantage when you don’t watch film,” he said. “Because then you can be stupid.”

Pat Forde continues: “At the risk of sounding like one of Brown’s absolute fools, I’ll say it: If they beat the Red Raiders in Lubbock, they’re home free. Bevo goes to South Beach. The closing trio of opponents — Baylor, at Kansas, Texas A&M — pose no significant threat.”

Forde’s disclaimer aside, it still amazes me that we assume this sort of thing year after year. ‘Cause there was absolutely no way Pitt was gonna upset West Virginia last year. And there was absolutely no way LSU would drop one to Kentucky. And there was absolutely no way Oklahoma would lose to Texas Tech.

FWIW, I figure Kansas is the trap game. At the risk of sounding like one of Brown’s absolute fools, it’s hard to see the Aggies beating UT three years in a row.

On another topic, I was disappointed in Forde’s pick for Austin grub:

When hungry and thirsty in the most excellent college town of Austin, The Dash recommends the Cadillac all-you-can-eat plate at The County Line BBQ (39). You’ll get enough ribs, brisket, chicken and sausage to put you in a meat coma…

Look, County Line’s okay, and I happen to be quite fond of the Salt Lick, another touristy/take your mother spot, mostly for the sauce and sausage. But this is basically like saying, “When in New York City, don’t miss Nathan’s hot dogs.” Or, “when in Chicago, there’s an awesome little pizza joint called Uno.” It’s a chain, it’s well-known and there are just so many other options. Surely Todd Blackledge would do better.

In live action today, probably-should-be-undefeated Northwestern leads Minnesota 10-0 despite doing without starting QB C.J. Bacher and out-for-the-season tailback Tyrell Sutton. Mike Kafka has a couple of 30 yard-plus passes (one for a TD) to receivers Jeremy Sartre and Eric Goethe. The Gophers have just made it 10-7 though.