No less an authority than the Austin American-Stateman’s Joe Gross recently hailed Expensive Shit as “a wall of mud, complete with two drummers pulling and pushing the beat hither and yon”. We all need more YON in our lives. As for the Air Traffic Controllers, who knows who will be playing w/ myself and J.J. on this occasion? Chances are it will not be Rick Wakeman. But if we buried the hatchet, wouldn’t that be great for everyone?

(above : Expensive Shit at the Mohawk, November 11, 2009)

HoZac recording superstars Rayon Beach blew us away at their last Trailer Space appearance and this is a perfect opportunity for you to embrace the duo before someone on Terminal Boredom declares they were much better before they’d formed or recorded.

Liz Burrito, last seen laying waste to microphones and audience sensibilities at the most recent Dikes Of Holland show, rounds out the portion of the bill we know how to spell correctly.

as always, this event is free, please bring your own beer, and consider throwing some money at our host, Spot Long of Trailer Space (1401-A Rosewood, Austin, TX). Those Jimmy Castor Bunch albums aren’t gonna buy themselves (and if they could, they’d be the smartest records ever pressed).