A day after blown being blown out in Indianapolis, the New York Knicks signed 13-year professional veteran Kenyon Martin to a ten day contract in the hopes the former Nets/Nuggets F can compensate, if only slightly, for the unavailability of fellow senior citizens Rasheed Wallace and Marcus Camby.

Martin, rumored to be on the Knicks radar for some time, will probably find that few fans at MSG recall the following dispute during the 2004 Easter Conference playoffs, when Knicks F Tim Thomas took exception to K-Mart’s flying elbows. From ESPN.com, 4/22/04 :

Thomas saved his most caustic comments for Martin, repeatedly calling him “fugazy” — a slang term for fake used in the mafia movie “Donnie Brasco.”

“Just knowing his character, he’s a fugazy guy. I read a comment that Jason Richardson said nobody wants to mess with a pit bull, but I’ve never seen a pit bull who picks and chooses who he wants to bite,” Thomas said.

“He’s fugazy as far as the whole tough guy role. You get techs and you get fines and that makes you tough? Because your game is wild and crazy, that makes you tough? When a scuffle breaks out, you have 13 guys that can protect you. When it’s you and someone else, what happens then?

“Somebody call Don King and hook it up for us.”