A pair of consecutive losses to in-state rivals would be cause enough for concern at Texas Tech, but the media have become painfully aware of late there’s dissension amongst MIke Leach’s ranks. As such, the former offensive genius has banned his charges from entering the public-discourse minefield known as Twitter, as Lubbock Online’s Adam Zubavich explains :

œThe policy is nothing football related outside of football, Leach said Monday during his weekly news conference. œAny way you look at it, little Twitter things that relate to football is a violation of team rules. If somebody plays for us, they don™t have a Twitter account.

Leach said players™ Facebook accounts will be monitored to make sure they don™t disclose sensitive team information.

All-American offensive lineman Brandon Carter and fellow senior Marlon Williams, the Red Raiders™ leading tackler this season from his linebacker position, both expressed disappointment with Tech™s 2-2 start. On Sunday afternoon, Williams also wrote, œWondering why I™m still in this meeting room when the head coach can™t even be on time to his on (sic) meeting.

When asked Monday on the Big 12 teleconference about Williams™ comments, Leach said: œAnybody that™s a malcontent doesn™t stay around here very long, because we™ve got a pretty good line of recruits that are fully willing to replace him. Insterestingly enough, he doesn™t have a Twitter page anymore.

Leach called Twitter œstupid to begin with, and said college football players get enough attention as it is.

œIf they don™t get enough attention, I™ve got graduate assistants and student assistants that™ll sit there and listen to them embellish stories and talk and tell them how great they are all they want. They don™t need Twitter.