From Pro Football :

Several readers have advised us that the Indianapolis Colts have deliberately withheld their list of final roster cuts from the public, opting to defer the disclosure until Sunday morning. The speculation is that the team’s primary goal was to prevent the Indianapolis Star from getting the information into its Sunday editions, in direct retribution for the paper’s coverage of the Adam Vinatieri injury. The Colts apparently are furious with the Star for getting quotes from Vinatieri’s mom suggesting that the high-profile free-agent (well, as high-profile as a free-agent kicker can ever be) has a broken foot.

The team’s decision to announce only the cut of backup kicker Shane Andrus is thus being perceived as a slap directly at the Star, since it leaves Vinatieri as the only kicker on the roster.

PFT goes on to list the Colts’ unannounced roster cuts, including QB’s Josh Betts and Shaun King, pointing out “The release of King leaves the Colts with only two quarterbacks — Peyton Manning and Jim Sorgi. And Sorgi suffered a shoulder injury two weeks ago in a preseason game. “