While showboating, dancing wide receivers have become worn acts – even bordering on latter day Stepinfetchits – ESPN, naturally, can’t get enough. Monday night, during Bengals-Packers, reporter Suzy Kolber, from the Cincy sideline, asked Chad Johnson, “What’s up your sleeve for this season?”

Johnson spoke a lot of crazy talk, not one word of it funny, but promised that he will have some new routines. Then back to the booth, where play-by-player Mike Tirico had either been told a good joke or was forcing loud laughter.Phil Mushnick, NY Post, 8/17/08

Here’s the clip in question :

Exactly what portion of Johnson’s remarks qualifies as “crazy talk”?  Would Ocho Cinco be any less of a Stepin Fetchit if he refused to answer such ridiculous questions?