Might it be possible for someone with an ounce of smarts or civility to refer to Stuart Scott’s health woes without sneering? While we’re pondering that, instead consider the thoughtful remarks of With Leather’s Matt Ufford, who aside from calling Scott the WWL’s “preferred bro-dawg” greets the news of “icky tissue” being removed from the sports anchor’s insides with the aside, “I’d also like to wish Stuart Scott well… in that I don’t wish him any particular harm.”

Yeah, that was warranted. God forbid a simple news item about Scott’s condition could pass without the nudge-nudge reminder that MAYBE IT WOULDN’T SUCK THAT MUCH IF HE DIED. Hoo-ha.

Stuart Scott’s crimes are humanity are what, exactly? “Boo-ya?” That “as cool as the other side of the pillow” is no more his invention than the phrase “With Leather” was created by Captain Caveman?

While we’re on the subject, the Urban Dictionary defines “bro dawg” as “a male that drives a lifted pick up truck, drinks endless amounts of cheap beer like water, wears trucker hats, listens to anything that MTV has deemed cool, and calls his friends ‘Bro’ or ‘Dog’.” I wonder which sports blogs such a dude might have in his browser history?