Other than the mutual admiration society all great artists belong to?

As you’ve probaby read via any number of other unsavory websites, former lady-pimp Jody “Babydoll” Gibson’s tell-all, “Secrets Of A Hollywood Super Madam” hits the bookstores tomorrow, and amongst the high and mighty named and shamed are the late Don Simpson (duh), Bruce Willis (double duh) and Tommy Lasorda (yes!).

(professional broadcaster, left, shown with unidentified homeless man)

The Feed’s Josh Alper — particularly revulsed by Tommy’s carnal adventures — claims “these aren’t names that are going to shock anyone,” but I beg to differ. Former Sex Pistols/Professionals guitarist Steve Jones is amongst those implicated, and as troubling as Alper finds the notion of Lasorda beating off to girl-on-girl porn, I’m equally blown away by the idea that Steve Jones needs to pay for it. Who’d have thunk?