Amidst further reports of Dodgers owner Frank McCourt (above, left) having difficulty making payroll in the wake of his divorce trial, Major League Baseball announced Wednesday the takeover of Los Angeles’ financial operations, with Commissioner Bud Selig (strangely silent on how McCourt’s ownership was ever approved) citing the need “to protect the best interests of the Club.”  Said move comes, weirdly enough, just a day after the Dodgers appointed businessman / former mayoral candidate Steve Soboroff as their new “vice chairman with responsibility for leading efforts to improve the fan experience at the stadium”

“Steve understands this city as few others do, and his contributions have made Los Angeles a better place,” said McCourt. “Not only will he infuse great ideas and energy to the Dodger organization, but he will use his trademark ‘get-it-done’ approach to extend the Dodgers’ positive impact on Los Angeles. It starts with a quality fan experience in the stadium, and extends throughout the Southern California community.” […]

“You will see me in every section of the ballpark checking things out, listening to fans, and taking strong actions in a number of areas. And I’m in a hurry,” he said. “The Dodgers are one of the great professional sports franchises in the world, and an important civic institution in Southern California. Frank has empowered me to set a new standard when it comes to the fan experience and the Dodgers’ impact on the Los Angeles community. … The fan experience starts with a safe, comfortable, family environment, and extends from there.”

Presumably, Soboroff was meant to be the warm & fuzzy persona designed to provide contrast to Los Angeles’ recent hiring of veteran civil rights-stomper William Bratton,