In stark contrast to the ‘net-phobic Stuart Scott, DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg uncovers the case of Redskins DL Renaldo Wynn, apparently a frequent contributor to the Extreme Skins message board.

Anyhow, I ran into Renaldo Wynn (above) at the Motown-themed Mystics gala yesterday, and he said that yes, he is actually posting under his own name on a fan message board. Remarkable. On his official profile (registration required) he lists his favorite Redskins player as “Me :).” He lists his occupation thus: “I am a defensive end for the Washington Redskins.” He said he heard about the site through a team employee and was immediately curious.”I was like the fans maintain this thing?” Wynn told me and Littles, and the team employee “was like, ‘Yeah man, they maintain it, they blog on it, it’s all cool, archived up.’ I said all right. He set me up with an account. And the first night I logged on I was watching the Chuck Liddell fight and I said, ‘OK let me go ahead and log on here, see what’s up.’

“I had my laptop on, I said ‘All right,’ and I get on there and it blew me away. I’m like, ‘Man, this is the real deal.’ And I logged on man, I’m talking, and the next thing I know people start hitting me back, like, ‘Is this really…?’ Next thing I know, dude, I’m on there for like two hours. I got addicted. Instantly, man. I’m like going on, hitting people up, telling them what’s really going on, getting my point of view across.”

“I let ’em know, ‘Look man, I’ve got thick skin, man. So trust me, be yourself and it won’t cause me to be offensive or anything like that. Just go ahead and say what’s on your mind, man. I can deal with it. I’ve got Smoot in the locker room. I know I can deal with him, so I can deal with y’all’.”