Though Boston remained 4 games ahead of New York following Tim Wakefield’s gem against the Devil Rays Monday night, the Yankees maintained their blistering pace with a 7-6 victory over Baltimore. Trailing the Mariners by a mere percentage point in the Wild Card race, the Bombers’ turnaround, while awfully dramatic, has been mostly of the bludgeoning variety. It’s impossible not to be impressed with Cabrera and Cano’s performances of late, but it’s just as tough to imagine the Yankees continuing to score enough runs most nights to compensate for a decrepit starting rotation. But I’m loathe to make many more predictions other than Fran Healy will not hit 3 home runs against the Dodgers at the end of “The Bronx Is Burning”. After all, I’d have argued in late spring the junior circuit’s wild card absolutely, postively was coming out of the Central Division.

In the meantime, while money certain can purchase some top flight talent for the Yankees, it would appear common sense about posing for photographs is in very short supply.