I know, two posts on the Cubs in one day is a bit much, but during last night’s 7-2 win over the Braves, Alfonso Soriano got a finger broken when popped by a Braves’ pitcher. The Trib‘s Paul Sullivan reports him out for six weeks. The silver lining “ the Cards lost Albert Pujols for at least three weeks and most likely more. We know the Cubs can win without Soriano, but La Russa with no Pujols? Why, he’d have to be a genius. Far be it from me to argue the Cubs should return fire on the Braves … especially when Hire Jim Essian’s Bad Kermit is already taking votes on which Brave gets an MRI, writing “Get Bent, Rednecks“:

I don™t know or care exactly why this beanball shit with Atlanta started last year, but I do know this. You suck, Braves. Your fans suck. Your state sucks. Your sister/aunt/mother sucks. Coke sucks. Your state dentist sucks. The fact that you had Maddux for all of his best years sucks. The nickname œHotlanta sucks. How the hell did you only win ONE World Series in a thousand chances in the 90s? Be afraid, Chipper. Carlos is on the mound tomorrow. If in this œthrowback game, we™re playing by 1948 non-sissy rules, you are a dead man.