In nearly 90 years of publication, the New York Daily News has won 9 Pulitzer Prizes. Would anyone like to place a wager on prize #10 being awarded to the duo of Robert Erikson and Owen Mortiz?

What do Yankees and Mets fans have in common, besides the New York logo?

They’re both snapping up the Daily News “Legacy of Greatness” DVD series that Wednesday featured “Volume 3, The Second Basemen.”

Highlighted among the great Bomber second basemen over the decades is Mets manager Willie Randolph.

In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, Ciro Dellaporte, 46, proudly wore a Mets shirt as he hurried into a 7-Eleven on Fourth Ave. to buy two DVDs, one for his father.

“I’m a Mets fan, but I’m buying one for my father,” he explained. “Half of my family are Yankee fans, so we battle it out at family dinners.”

On Staten Island, at the Edgewater Cafe in the St. George ferry terminal, Rosemary Pfister found a surefire Father’s Day gift for her ex-husband: The Yankees DVD.

“It’s tough to buy someone a good Father’s Day present they like,” she said, but the fact her ex “is a huge Yankee fan” simplifies matters.

In Bay Ridge, Angelo Gnerre, 41, bought three DVDs – one for himself, one for son James 11 and one for daughter Victoria, 14.

At the A&R Convenience Store in Bay Ridge, clerk Jonny Kahn said the discs were gone by 8 a.m. “I see a lot of the same people coming back every day because they want to get the whole set.”