Wednesday’s 9-8 defeat to Oakland was the Angels’ 6 in their 8 contests, but the real losers are the Twitter followers LA backup catcher Bobby Wilson, who decided yesterday to bail on the social networking platform due to unspecified fan abuse. From the OC Register’s Landon Hall :

This is what he tweeted from his account, @BW46, at 10:57 a.m.:

“I’m done with twitter. Try to be fan friendly and all I get is criticism. I wasn’t blessed with 5 tools. I worked hard to get here.”

I disagree with USA Today’s Gabe Lacques that it might be the “saddest tweet ever,” but for a major league ballplayer on Twitter, it’s pretty surprising.

It’s not exactly clear from Wilson’s timeline, or the various mentions of @BW46 in the Twitterverse, what amounted to the final straw. He takes his share of abuse for the usual catcher-y shortcomings: He’s not a speedster; he could throw out runners at a higher frequency (although he’s improved that part of his game lately); he could hit better (hitting .228 in 60 games, though he’s 11 for his last 27 dating to July 22). Wilson has more than 8,100 followers, and as far as we can tell the account’s still active. So maybe he’s reconsidering.