Though I suspect there are number of persons in the Atlanta Falcons organization who already have questions about Bobby Petrino’s integrity, the head football coach at Arkansas has recently found himself in considerable hot water for offenses including, but not limited to riding a motorcycle sans helmet, covering up the details of a subsequent crash and making his wife look like the biggest sap this side of Arthur Blank. On Monday, a number of Petrino’s supporters (200, actually) gathered in a public showing  of support for the embattled educator,  as described by Arkansas Sports 360‘s Chris Bahn :

Organizer Matt Couch said he felt the group’s mission was achieved even with the modest turnout. Couch said that while the supporters don’t endorse Petrino’s actions in admitting to an “inappropriate relationship” and hiding facts from a recent motorcycle accident, they do want to see the coach retained.

We’re not condoning it. I wouldn’t ask him for marriage counseling,” Couch said “But at the same time we’re supportive of him and want him to do well.”

Some fans came armed with signs that included slogans like “Blonde Hair, Don’t Care Free Bobby” and “What’s Wrong With Scoring In The Offseason?”

Attendee Sylvia Schlegel came with a  sign that became the centerpiece of the rally. Schlegel’s sign read “Accept Apology and FORGIVE. Jesus Saved Bobby … Jeff ….. You Can Too.”