What might cause a person to change their name from David Frost to Jim McCauley?  Well, if googling the former turned up accusations of sexual exploitation of young hockey players under his supervision, and being the target of a subsequent murder plot carried out by a former client, you too might wanna start with a clean slate.  According to the Toronto Sun’s Steve Simmons, that’s just what former player agent Frost has done, resurfacing under a new name at the Laguna Hockey Academy in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Some people claim he is coaching and advising kids again — an accusation he denies.

Some people claim he is running the hockey training establishment — which on its website lists McCauley Hockey as its director of hockey — which Frost denies.

Maybe the worst thing, one California parent insists, is that the majority of parents that she knows who have children training at Frost’s establishment are well aware of who he is, know about his background, and in one parent’s words “they don’t seem to care.” In fact, in the arena at Laguna Beach, a St. Louis Blues jersey with Danton’s name and number hangs from one of the walls, another indication that Frost has no shame.

With Frost, though, the truth can be difficult to find.

“I am not coaching, teaching or working with kids,” Frost told Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times. “I’m not using an alias. I’m using the McCauley name on my email and I’ve used it for years … I’m not hiding. Rob (Barth, his boss) is not hiding. My wife, my family and I are not hiding.”

“When they bring in someone like Jim McCauley to run this establishment, people are happy with it because they know they are getting superior hockey instruction,” said Laguna instructor Chris Sheffield, who says he understands why Frost has changed his name.

“I don’t think anything about this is questionable. The second he landed in California, he changed his life. He changed his way. He changed his name. He’s not running from anything, he’s not hiding. People make mistakes or (are) accused of things in their life. How they rebound, how they change, that’s how you judge them.”