Along with castigating Larry Brown for his public humilation of Stephon Marbury, (“Not that Friday night’s nine-point loss to the Nuggets was a total loss for Marbury, who caught some unexpected winks (the final 6:31) at Denver. He recognizes now he’s been talking to the wrong Piston all this time. Instead of calling Billups three times a week regarding Brown, it makes more sense to consult with Darko Milicic.”), the New York Post’s Peter Vescey (seriously) proposes that the Knicks take a look at another NYC point guard.

Before the season began, Isiah Thomas and Brown worked out Kenny Anderson (above) and were impressed with his conditioning. Considering the scarcity of experienced playmakers (it appears the Knicks don’t have the assets to pry one loose from another team) adept at distributing the ball to the right players in the correct position, why not bring in Anderson for a tryout at minimal cost? Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker were never happier when Kenny (35 this past Oct. 9) was feeding them intravenously.

Then again, if Brown really wanted to take a walk down Memory Lane he could issue a bench warrant for Rod Strickland (39 this past July), who dropped 44 recently in Harlem’s Over-35-League.

Hey, Anderson and Strickland are both New York guys, both played in the association as late as last season and neither is as old as Joe Franklin. Either one could upgrade their “flawed” roster.

Franklin, too, I suspect.

Though beating a Portland team that many predict will struggle to win 30 games is hardly reason enough to proclaim the Knicks’ respectability, their effort in the 2nd half of today’s 103-92 win over the Blazers was pretty encouraging. Though the Self-Proclaimed Best Point Guard in the NBA isn’t even the Best Point Guard From Coney Island, the family duel between Marbury and Sebastian Telfair was fun to witness, as was the continued emergence of C Channing Frye (20 points, 6 rebounds in 23 minutes). I don’t know if Isiah Thomas is still interested in Darius Miles (5 for 13, 7 turnovers), but unless Portand is desperate enough to accept Jerome James plus an autographed photo of John Starks’ surgeon, I certainly hope such a trade never occurs.