Andray Blatche “realized that the path toward maturity doesn’t come through empty promises,” writes the Washington Post’s Michael Lee, and as such, the Wizards’ 25 year-old F “would rather get more attention for his community work,”, for instance, his volunteer efforts on behalf of SHABACH! Ministries. Bummer then, that any tiny attempt to liven up the Lockout Summer would generate bad vibes.

Blatche believes that he has had very productive summer, but is disappointed about the negative publicity that came from him hosting a party in Miami called, “Lapdance Tuesday.” Owner Ted Leonsis criticized Blatche for attaching his name to the event, but Blatche said the whole incident was completely overblown.

“That’s the one thing that kind of got me frustrated,” he said. “People were like, ‘Aw, he’s at a strip club!’ Or ‘He’s at a party where they give lap dances!’ That was far from the case. It wasn’t even close to the case. Everybody down in Miami knows that on Tuesday nights it’s a club called Cameo. It’s a club. Like if you go to Park, Josephine or Love here. On Tuesdays, it’s their theme. That’s how it is. It was a regular club. There were no lap dances involved. Nobody got no lap dances, no nothing.

“Why is everybody tripping on me hosting a party?” Blatche asked. “I host parties in D.C. all the time and I get no problem out of it. I went to Miami and it’s the offseason. The season is over. I’m just at a party and I get this. That was the craziest thing. I was like, I must have a target on my back, because if I can’t go to Miami and host a party and have fun with my friends, what can I do?”

Indeed, in Blatche’s defense, this video clip of a recent Tuesday night party at Cameo reveals that while there’s all kinds of dancing going on, none of it is actually happening in anyone’s lap.