Sorry, the other headline I considered was, “I Don’t Know Art, But I Know What His Wife Doesn’t Like.” Shawn Cohen’s article in Sunday’s Journal News is headlined, “Scorned wife accuses Miracle Met of affair by revealing lurid e-mails”, to which Repoz sneers, “Don’t lie…your first thought is Joe Pignatano!”

The wife of Miracle Met Art Shamsky accuses the ex-outfielder of sleeping with a Rye secretary and has sent the woman’s husband 175 e-mails she says document their longstanding affair.She has now shared the sordid details with The Journal News, the woman’s hometown paper, in hopes of disgracing her “so she can’t show her face in public.”

Kim Shamsky, 47, a temp agency entrepreneur who accuses her spouse of sponging off her fortune, subpoenaed alleged mistress Toni Magnane, 57, last week to force her to participate in the Shamskys divorce brawl.

On Thursday, Kim Shamsky went public by inviting a reporter to the swanky Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center, where she unveiled an inch-thick stack of e-mails in which her husband and Magnane discuss romantic liaisons, declare love for each other and engage in kinky sex talk.

“Just left you and feel empty – long to be with you as well,” Magnane wrote in April 2005 to the ex-big leaguer, who played for the 1969 world champion Mets.

“I think we need to change our tactics. I do not want to be consumed with finding a place to stay. … I want to be in your arms so badly. I want you to kiss me all over. Talk to me tenderly, please!”

Shamsky writes her the same month: “I want you to know that I want to be with you in every way and I miss your hands on mine and of course your lips on mine. Your laugh, idiosyncrasies and paranoia are so much a part of my life now, the best part I might add, and I long to be with you.”

Art Shamsky, 65, his lawyer and Magnane did not return repeated phone calls yesterday. Magnane’s husband, Al, answered their home phone and when asked for comment said, “I don’t even want to take the call, bye,” before hanging up.

“Art would never have anything if it wasn’t for me,” she told The Journal News, figuring she has given him about $3 million during their marriage, set him up with a book deal and a guest role on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” and stroked his ego as he relived his glory days. This wasn’t easy, she said, because she hates the Mets and, “He wasn’t a very good ballplayer.”