When attending Phillys annual Wing Bowl, it is always advised to be aware of potential hazards (vomiting drunks, hurled projectiles, Hugh Douglas vocal performances, etc). You can also add negligent tailgaters to the heads-up list as the following incident involving the ever-haphazard former Phillies closer/1993 World Series goat Mitch Williams illustrates. From the Philadelphia Inquirer :

Poor Mitch Williams.

A wild thing happened to the former Phillies pitcher in the predawn darkness Friday outside the Wachovia Center before the WIP Wing Bowl.

Waiting on a friend, he pulled his ’06 Chrysler 300 into a parking spot. Soon, “I smelled something kind of burning in my car,” Williams says. “I got out, finally, and saw smoke. I was trying to get the hood open, and I couldn’t get it open, and I looked underneath.”

Someone had left a barbecue grill smoldering in the lot, and it ignited the car’s engine.

As the French might describe it, vehicle flambé.

The car, he says, is a loss. But he did save his golf clubs in the trunk