…though thankfully, it’s not the Chinese TelephonesThe Wisconsin State Journal‘s Deborah Ziff reports the University of Wisconsin marching band will not participate at halftime of tomorrow’s Badgers v Buckeyes tilt following what’s being described as “serious hazing allegations”.

UW-Madison band director Mike Leckrone would not say specifically what the allegations were or when the incidents occurred but said they were alcohol related and involved “inappropriate sexual behavior.”

“I just thought the allegations were serious enough that there needed to be some action right away,” Leckrone said.

Leckrone said he believes it is a small percentage of students, a “counter culture,” who were involved in the hazing.

“You can blame it on a few individuals who didn’t get the message,” he said. “The message had to be sent this is not going to be something anyone’s going to tolerate.”

The band has a history of hazing. Most recently, former Chancellor John Wiley put the band on probation in 2006 when complaints of alcohol use and inappropriate sexual behavior made some band members feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

Leckrone said the allegations Friday were very similar to those in 2006.

The 2006 incidents included: demeaning and abusive demands for younger band members to run errands and refill beer cups for older members; women forced to kiss other women to gain access to bus bathrooms; highly sexualized banter and more, according to the university.