Tackling the impending apocalypse with a worldview that makes Jim Hellwig seem postively well grounded by comparison, former Phillies catcher Darren Daulton has finally found a publisher for his eagerly awaited end-of-the-planet tome ; himself.

Welcome to my new website www.dutch2012.com.  The initial purpose of this site is to provide guests with information regarding the metaphysical academia and fundamentals of 2012 and it™s correlation to metaphysics.

My book œIf They Only Knew provides basic information regarding metaphysics, kind of a starter kit to introduce what is happening and what to expect as December 21, 2012 approaches.  This site is in the process of providing guests and opportunity to interact with other people, including myself, regarding these two synonymous topics.

I have evaluated several options as to best provide interaction amongst my guests and have decided on utilizing Facebook (Darren Dutch Daulton).  Just to think several years ago I could not turn on a cyber machine (computer), now I am utilizing this technology to reach out to people who have experienced different phenomenon, and to let you know that it is perfectly normal and you are not alone.

In closing I would like to thank the many people who have attended my book signings and the thousands of emails I have received applauding my sharing of this information.  As some of you are aware, the initial responses of my book were not always positive.  However, I can gratefully state that in the past six months a dramatic turn has taken affect and the responses are phenomenal.

I ask you to please email me with any suggestions as to what will make this site further enjoyable to you my valued guests.

Email: [email protected]

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